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Image of a dental crown at Alder Dental in Vancouver, WA.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Our teeth can get damaged over time for various reasons, including tooth decay, injuries, infections, and more. They can also lose their size or shape. This is where dental crowns enter the picture. A dental crown is essentially a tooth-shaped cap or cover your dentist will put over your tooth to restore its missing or damaged part and ensure the tooth can function optimally.

A dental crown protects the tooth and improves its appearance and strength. It can be a traditional crown or a ¾ crown that does not cover the entire tooth but still has a solid structure. At Alder Dental, Dr. Brian Alder and Dr. Alder can protect your tooth by placing a traditional dental crown or a ¾ crown on top of it.

What Is a Dental Crown Made Of?

Here are some materials used to make dental crowns:
•  Metal; several metals are used, such as gold, nickel, and palladium. These crowns are durable and long-lasting. They can withstand chewing and biting easily. Their only drawback is their color; they work best for molars that are out of sight
•  All-porcelain or ceramic crowns; they offer the best natural color but are not as strong as metal crowns. They are a good choice for front teeth
•  Porcelain-fused-to-metal; these crowns have a natural tooth color. The porcelain can break off, and the crown can wear down the teeth opposite it. These crowns are a good choice for back and front teeth
•  Pressed ceramic; they have a hard inner core and are capped with porcelain to offer natural tooth color
•  All-resin; less expensive than other options but can wear down over time

Reasons to Get a Dental Crown

Here are some reasons why you might need a dental crown:
•  To protect a weak tooth from cracking
•  To restore a broken or damaged tooth
•  To hold a dental bridge in place
•  To support and cover a tooth with a large filling
•  To cover a severely discolored or misshapen tooth
•  To cover a dental implant
•  To cover a tooth that was treated with a root canal

Dental Crown Placement Procedure

At Alder Dental, we have a straightforward process for dental crown placement. Before we place the crown on your tooth, we conduct a thorough dental exam. This exam includes taking x-rays of the tooth and the bone around it. We might also have to perform a root canal treatment if we find tooth decay, tooth pulp injury, or a risk of infection.

Then, we will file down the tooth that will receive the crown across its top and sides. After reshaping your tooth, we will use putty to make the tooth’s impression. We will also take impressions of the teeth above and below the affected tooth to ensure the crown does not affect the bite. We send these impressions to the dental lab for the permanent crown while we fit a temporary crown onto your tooth.

Lastly, once we have the permanent crown, we will remove the temporary one and use a numbing drug before cementing the new crown. Your crown will last five to 15 years, depending on your care regimen and oral hygiene practices. Just make sure you don’t grind your teeth, bite your fingernails, chew ice, and use your teeth to open packaging.

Take Care of Your Crown

Brush your teeth twice daily, floss once daily, and avoid biting on hard surfaces to ensure your crown and the tooth underneath it remain in optimal condition. Visit us regularly for checkups, and don’t skip your biannual dental visits. If you want to get a dental crown for your tooth, call us at (360) 831-0831 today!

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At Alder Dental, Dr. Brian Alder and Dr. Alder can protect your tooth by placing a traditional dental crown or a ¾ crown on top of it. Click here to learn more.
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