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Mini Dental Implant
Vancouver, WA

Image of a woman smiling and diagram pointing to where the mini dental implant is located inside of woman's mouth, at Alder Dental in Vancouver, WA. Data has shown that almost 178 million people have one or more missing teeth. That makes dental implants a popular solution for people who wish to fill the gaps of missing teeth. The newest type of dental implants people are turning to are mini dental implants. Unlike conventional dental implants that use two pieces of a screw, these mini dental implants use only one. Since not everyone is eligible for traditional dental implants, they can now have mini implant restoration done at Alder Dental.

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

The functions of mini dental implants are similar to those of traditional dental implants. They can help with multiple missing teeth, one tooth, and stabilize dentures. There are several reported benefits of mini dental implants. The minimally invasive and small-size process of inserting this dental implant means that the dental implant restoration recovery is faster. In addition, the cost is pocket friendly when undergoing a mini dental implant restoration. The final advantage of the mini implant is that jawbone density does not have to be sufficient. With less jawbone, you are qualified to get mini dental implants, whereas with traditional implants sometimes a bone graft is required first if there is not sufficient jawbone.

Mini Dental Implants Candidates

Candidates for dental implants are adults or teenagers whose jawbone is fully formed. If these types of dental implants are installed on a jaw that is not fully developed, when the time comes for it to grow, a couple of problems can occur. This can either lead to misaligning of the newly growing teeth or lead to implants out of their originally placed position. If you grind your teeth, you might need to get that issue fixed first to qualify to get the mini implants done. Also, in case you are suffering from an ailment that leads to slow bone or wound healing, such as diabetes, then you might need to consult your dentist for another option.

Post Mini Dental Implants Surgery Recovery

The easiest and fastest recovery anyone can ever ask for is that found after a dental implant restoration process. After the surgery, you can go back to your usual tasks for a minimum of up to a day or so. For mini implants, there is no appointment needed for check-ups post-operation. However, it is good to know that soreness and pain are some side effects that come after a surgical process for a mini dental implant. Some over-the-counter medicine can come in handy to ease the pain.

Care For Mini Dental Implants

Caring for dental implants is crucial and should be done similarly to natural teeth. Mini dental implants are prone to decay and wearing out if they are left without being taken care of. Flossing and brushing needs to be done at least twice daily. Also, attending frequent dental appointments for checkups is recommended so a dentist can assure you that the mini-implant is intact. Mini dental implants can either be a permanent or temporary solution depending on how you care for them on a daily routine. At Alder Dental you will get the best guidelines on how to care for your mini dental implants.

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Mini Dental Implant • Vancouver, WA • Alder Dental
Since not everyone is eligible for traditional dental implants, you can now have mini implant restoration done at Alder Dental.
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