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Implants vs. Bridges
Vancouver, WA

A rendering of a dental implant at Alder Dental in Vancouver, WABoth dental implants and bridges can serve to replace the gaps that result from having missing teeth. There are different types of dental implants and bridges available depending on your needs, where your missing teeth are located in your mouth, as well as the amount of tooth loss you are experiencing. Our dentists and professional dental team at Alder Dental can help you determine which treatment plan may work best for you.

Dental Implant Procedure

For a single tooth implant, a dental professional surgically places titanium screws into your jawbone and allows it to heal before attaching the crown using abutments. As the name implies, a multiple tooth implant is a fitting solution for someone with multiple missing teeth.

Based on a survey of your oral profile, a dental surgeon will decide how many teeth need to be replaced and will subsequently employ the required number of implants. It could be either two or more single implants or an All-on-4® Treatment Concept procedure. Regardless of their approach and technology, these are all restorative procedures.

Can Anyone Get Dental Implants?

You can be a candidate for a multiple tooth implant as long as you are missing several of your teeth, have healthy oral and overall health otherwise, and meet the requirements for minimum bone density. Unless there is severe bone deterioration, people with low bone density can also lean on supportive measures like sinus lift or bone grafting before having dental implant surgery.


Dental bridges are a way of correcting missing teeth, where the dentist plants an artificial tooth in the gap. Usually, the bridge consists of dental crowns on both the inner and outer sides, with support to serve the real tooth. The process of installing dental bridges requires an expert for fulfilling results. Do not hesitate to visit our dental clinic at Alder Dental any time for the procedure or further consultations.

When to Use Dental Bridges

As the name suggests, dental bridges serve to fill a gap, and thus you can only opt for them when you have a missing tooth. Some of the common causes of tooth loss include untreated decay, accidental injuries, or birth defects. Some illnesses could also weaken your gums, leading to tooth loss. The sides of the gap you intend to fill need to have healthy teeth for the procedure to be successful.

Why Get a Dental Bridge?

The benefits of replacing your teeth is removing the gap, making it a better decision. You can comfortably chew or bite your food and enhance your smile by improving your confidence. Nature tends to correct the gap by moving the teeth on the side of the gap, and dental bridges help prevent this from occurring. The position of the teeth lost could also affect speech through difficulty in pronunciation, and thus the bridges correct the defect.

At Alder Dental, we can help you decide whether you are a candidate for a dental implant, bridge, or any other treatment options to best suit your case. To book an appointment over the phone, you can speak to our supportive staff at (360) 831-0831.

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Dental implants and bridges can replace gaps that result from missing teeth. Our expert team at Alder Dental can help determine which treatment plan is best for you. Call today!
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