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Tooth Extractions
Vancouver, WA

Comic of a tooth being extracted at Alder Dental in Vancouver, WAThe extraction of a tooth is the procedure of removing a tooth from its socket, generally due to being badly damaged from decay or fracture. Dr. Alder is able to improve the health of your mouth by removing teeth that are beyond repair and helping to restore function and promote the retention of bone.

Why are teeth extracted?

•  When a tooth is severely decayed
•  Due to advanced periodontal disease
•  A tooth is fractured in such a way that repair is impractical
•  The tooth is positioned in such a way that it impacts other teeth, including your wisdom teeth
•  The tooth is non-functional

How are teeth extracted?

Dr. Alder removes teeth within two categories, either non-surgically or surgically.

•  Non-surgical is the pulling of a tooth in one clean piece. This means that Dr. Alder was able to grasp the tooth with his dental tools and cleanly pull the tooth from the socket. This is generally a quick removal.
•  Surgical is the pulling of a tooth piece by piece, sometimes requiring the cutting of gums to get each piece out. This is a more complicated removal procedure, requiring more time, and may be more uncomfortable for the patient. This is due to a tooth being fractured or decayed and breaking apart with the pressure of pulling.

What can I expect after my extraction?

Following your tooth extraction you may experience several of the following symptoms including:
•  Bleeding
•  Moderate to severe discomfort or pain
•  Oozing and soreness in the jaw

We will send our patients home with care instructions following their extraction.

For more information on dental extractions, contact Brian Alder, DDS, at our Vancouver, WA office.
(360) 831-0831

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