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Dental Bridges
Vancouver, WA

When you have a couple of missing teeth it can cause a lot of embarrassment as well as discomfort. Instead of living with those issues, one of the options you have to restore a tooth is a dental bridge. It can help to restore your smile, plus it can help to keep your teeth from shifting out of place. If you want to have a smile that you can be proud of because it looks and feels great, then a dental bridge may be the ideal solution for you.

Basics of Getting a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a simple dental appliance. It is a series of teeth replicas meant to cover a gap of missing teeth. On either end, you will find a dental crown. These crowns go over your existing teeth that surround the gap we are trying to fill. Where the gap exists, you will have a false tooth where the original tooth once was. If you have a couple missing teeth in that gap, we are able to replace them all at once. When we place the bridge, you can immediately see and feel the benefits to having a dental bridge.

Perks of a Dental Bridge

The biggest perk of having a dental bridge is its ability to fill in that gap. The restoration of your smile gives an instant confidence boost. You will also notice your ability to chew foods normally is restored. This means you can go back to eating the foods you love, instead of settling for the foods you could manage with teeth missing.

A dental bridge will hold your teeth in their original places instead of allowing them to shift out of place due because of the gap. This means you won’t have to go through the experience of your teeth painfully shifting into an uncomfortable location, causing pain when you bite and chew, and even when you simply close your mouth to rest your jaw.

Finally, when you get a dental bridge, you will also have the perk of not causing extra harm to your teeth. Biting down around a gap puts uneven pressure on the remaining teeth. Instead of hurting those teeth more, your bridge will even out the pressure between your teeth. This will help you chew like normal, and take the extra pressure off of the surrounding teeth.

If you want to get a dental bridge, come in and speak with us. We here at Alder Dental are committed to helping restore your mouth to full functionality. Plus, we will look over your mouth and do what we can to help prevent future issues. Don’t live with the pain and embarrassment that a missing tooth can cause. Find out how to alleviate that pain by getting yourself a dental bridge by contacting us today at (360) 831-0831!

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