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Dental Fillings
Vancouver, WA

Fillings are a relatively common dental procedure. They are used to fill cavities in teeth that have come about from decay. By placing a filling when you have a cavity, we prevent the decay from spreading and keep the rest of your mouth healthier. Here at Alder Dental, we have many types of fillings options, depending on your specific needs. Contact us today and let us help you with any dental issues you may have.

Types of Dental Fillings

The most common types of fillings are ones that most of us remember from our childhood. These are the dark metal fillings that were very common, especially in the rear teeth. While they are quite durable, they are also quite dark. They stand out and can make it hard to hide the fact that your teeth aren’t perfect.

Another type of filling is a composite filling. These fillings are nearly white, and can be matched to the enamel of most teeth. The color can easily be changed to match your teeth, giving you the appearance of having a perfect smile. These fillings are durable and they do give you a better aesthetic value, which to many patients is worth it in the event that they need to be replaced.

If you aren’t worried about your filling standing out, gold fillings are a great option. They are very durable, known to last 20 years, sometimes more. Most people find them to be very comfortable and natural feeling. A filling made of gold may require more than one visit, and it is a more expensive option, but it is also one of the longest lasting options available.

Porcelain is also a viable option when you need a filling. They are more delicate and are often only used in areas that won’t be getting a lot of bite pressure. However, they look incredibly natural and aside from trained professionals, it is often difficult to even know they are there.

Why You Want to Make Sure to Get Teeth Filled

When you ignore decay, it spreads. When we place a filling in your mouth, we remove all decay and replace it with an inert filling material that will allow you to keep your tooth healthy for a long time. If the decay is left to spread on its own it can work its way down to the nerve of your tooth and can cause a lot of pain. By getting a filling when the cavity is still small, you can likely avoid this type of pain, and keep your mouth healthier at the same time.

Call us today at (360) 831-0831 and let us fill any cavities that you may have in your mouth. We can remove the old, decaying material from your tooth, and fill it with the type of material that is going to work best for you. Dr. Brian Alder is here, ready to help you with your cavities and fillings. Don’t take the chance that your cavity will extend to your roots. Get it filled right away.

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Here at Alder Dental, we have many types of dental fillings options, depending on your specific needs. Click here to learn more.
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