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Sports and Mouthguards
Vancouver, WA

Mouthguard - Dentist Vancouver, WAWhen playing sports we frequently wear protective gear. Most parents couldn't imagine their children not wearing helmets, knee pads or shin guards when engaging in sports related activities. We all know that proper protective gear is very important for safety. At Alder Dental, we agree.

The most most missed piece of protective gear is the dental mouthguard. Almost half of all injuries associated with sports and outside activities involve the face. At Alder Dental, we can customize a mouthguard to fit your mouth, it will be comfortable because it is made to fit your mouth and it will significantly decrease the possibility of injury to the teeth, lips, cheeks, and can even reduce the severity of concussion by taking some of the impact when hit.

Does my sport require a mouthguard?

Some sports obviously require mouthguards, coaches for sports like football, hockey or boxing know the obvious benefit of mouthguards. Additional sports, including baseball, lacrosse, bicycling, and skateboarding would also benefit from mouthguards, but is not generally discussed by their leagues or coaches.

How can Dr. Alder help?

Dr. Alder knows that your face is an important part of your aesthetics and that protecting your natural teeth is always best. It's better to be safe than toothless! Dr. Alder, along with the American Dental Association recommend mouthguards for any adult or child who participates in any recreational activity that could pose the risk of injury to the mouth.

Why should I get a customized mouthguard?

The most simple answer of why you should have a customized mouthguard is so you will actually wear it. Store bought mouthguards come in a one size fits all style. They are cheaper, but the type of plastic can range in comfort, and the sizing is often bulky. Dr. Alder can help ensure that the comfort and fit is right for you.

How do I take care of my mouthguard?

To get the full benefit of protection, we recommend wearing your mouthguard every time you play sports or engage in rambunctious activities. We recommend keeping it in your bag or in your car, anyplace that would go with you to play. Your mouthguard does require some care.

We recommend the following:
•  Never chew or bite on your guard
•  Contact us if there are any holes or tears
•  Contact us if the plastic has thin spots
•  Keep your mouthguard clean with rinsing
•  On occasion, brush your mouthguard with a toothbrush
•  Keep your mouthguard in the container provided
•  Avoid placing it in direct sunlight

We are happy to answer your questions about Sports related oral injuries and mouthguards. Contact Brian Alder, DDS, at our Vancouver, WA office for more information. (360) 831-0831

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